determining your tanks volumina

For several calculations within Aqua-Calculator you need your tanks total water volume. This is all water that is within your circuit, inclduing also drain, technique tank and so on. You need this value to allow Aqua-Calculator accurate calculations.

Best option is to determine it once you start-up your tank. Simply add the amount of canisters you need fill up your tank and circuit completely.

Water volume of a running system can be estimated.


Calculate water volume of tanks

  • measure Length „L“ & Width „W“ of your tank(s) to calculate base-area of your tank
  • Measure water height „H“ (from „sand surface “ to „water surface“)
  • Measure glass thickness of tank “G”
  • -> „Volume-Tank“ = L x W x H - 2 x G x(L+W) [Liter]

Hint: For easy calculation, enter data in decimeter (1 dm = 0,1m = 10cm) to get volumina in [Liter]

Hint: base-area for not rectangular tank shapes to be calculated accordingly (not L x W)

  • Add tank volumina in case of more than one tank In case of longer tubing, this should also be considered


  • tube diameter Volume per m tube
  • 12mm 0,11 Liter/m
  • 16mm 0,20 Liter/m
  • 20mm 0,31 Liter/m
  • 25mm 0,49 Liter/m
  • 32mm 0,80 Liter/m
  • 40mm 1,26 Liter/m
  • 50mm 1,96 Liter/m
  • 63mm 3,12 Liter/m


  • Estimate water volume unused/replaced by substrate, reef, big corals rough estimation for „V-replaced“:
    • Dead/Live rock from corals: replacing ca. 1,5 L per kg Riff ceramics: replacing 1,3 L per kg

Total water volume

Total water volume = (V-tank) + (V-tubing) – (V-replaced)