nitrate/phosphate to low. What can i do?

First of all: This is not so common, most of the tanks are to high on this nutrients! You should take this very serious. Especially if Phosphate is 0/not detectable, because this can kill your stony corals within some days, sometimes even wihtin hours.

You have following options to raise this values

  • Increase feeding- Selecz food with a high nutrient level (especially Phosphate) like unwashed frozen food, Cyclops Eeze, …
  • Remove any Phosphate or also Silicate Adsorbers within the circuit of your tank
  • Stop Phosphate filters like Zeolite filters
  • Reduce your skimmers performance or even turn it off for some hours, but don’t do that during night because of the risk of getting low on dissolved oxygen in the water.
  • Dose Nitrates or Phosphates separately -> Use AquaCalculator function „Nutrients N3/Po4“

Stony corals can also grow if nutrients are close to 0 IF they are fed with amino acids separately.