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4. infringement of property rights of others

If you suspect that any infringement of any of your intellectual property rights arising from this website or any program or documentation offered on this website is violated, please notify us by e-mail immediately so that we remove the contested element infringing the intellectual property right immediately. Please note: The more time-consuming involvement of a lawyer in charge of the warning of the owner of this website does not correspond to his real or presumed will. Any resulting costs are therefore not -. in the context of the management without order - reimbursable. Note for warnings. If the content or the presentation of these pages infringe third-party rights or statutory provisions, we ask for a message without cost note. We guarantee that the rightly disputed passages will be removed without any need for legal assistance. The involvement of a lawyer for the service provider fee-based warning does not correspond to his real or presumptive will and would thus a violation of § 13 para 5 UWG for the pursuit of non-objective goals as a dominant motive for initiating proceedings, in particular a cost-targeting as the actual driver, and a violation against the mitigation obligation. However, any costs incurred by you without prior contact will be rejected in full and, if applicable, counterclaims for breach of the provisions named herein will be submitted.

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