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Frequently asked questions about the AquaCalculator

why subscription?

Software is never finished. To finance further development and support, software is traditionally developed in versions. New versions are released at regular intervals, offering new functions and improvements. In order to enjoy the features of a new version, it had to be bought and paid for again.

This classic version model does not exist with AquaCalculator. We constantly integrate new features and provide updates and improvements. To finance the continuous improvements, the support and our powerful backend aCloud, we have decided on a subscription model.

For a very reasonable annual fee you can use the AquaCalculator universe. Of course, you can cancel at any time if you no longer need the services of AquaCalculator.

How many devices can I use with my subscription?

You can use as many devices as you like within one operating system with your licence. Apple requires that they run under the same Apple ID.

Can I use my iOS subscription for macOS, Windows or Android or vice versa?

No. They are each independently developed products, each of which requires its own licence at the moment.

Is there a subscription that allows me to use all versions?

We do not offer so-called cross-licensing models of AquaCalculator. This has several reasons:

  • Contract conditions of the AppStores make such models uninteresting or even impossible. Remember: Apple, Microsoft, Google & Co. want to earn money from the purchases. Cross-licences are therefore a thorn in their side.
  • Large programming effort in the applications and on the server side.
  • We work with 3 programmers on 4 different versions. Fair distribution of income complicated. You pay fair prices and only for the version you use.
  • Fair for you, fair for us…

can I use the code for the Windows version that comes with my Fauna Marin package for iOS, Android or maOS?

No. The use included with Fauna Marin currently only refers to the Windows version. For technical reasons, the licence can unfortunately only be used for the Windows version, as the store systems required on the other platforms Android, iOS and macOS (App Store, Google Play Store) do not provide for “vouchers”.

  • iOS You can find detailed information on canceling your subscription here: