AquaCalculator iOS

The reference tool for enthusiastic reefers


AquaCalculator iOS

AquaCalculator iOS has many usefull features

Tank documentation

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  • document as many tanks as you like.
  • document your water parameters in graphic and text.
  • document the development of your tank with pictures and notes.
  • follow the development of your water parameters over time.


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    • manage your animals.
    • you can attach all notes and pictures to animals.

Salt calculation

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    • Calculate the amount of salt you need for your next water change or to adapt your tanks salinity (realistic data of nearly all available synthetic salt mixes included).

Anpassung Calcium / Alkalinität / Magnesium

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    • Evaluate exact dosage of salts and liquid solutions for adaptation of Calcium, Alkalinity and Magnesium according to multiple Balling method.
    • Aquafair, Aquaforest, Coral-Care, Fauna Marin, MT-Aquaristik, Nyos, H.W. Balling, Preis Aquaristik, A.Glaser, Red Sea, Sangokai, Tropic Marin und selbst definierte.


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    • Zudosierung von Nährstoffen (Nitrat und Phosphat)


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    • Use a calendar with reminder functionality.


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    • Convert units of all measured quantities of saltwater tanks (eg Salinity ↔ Density ↔ Conductivity)


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    • Read the built in Mini-FAQs via iBooks, to manage your tank even better.


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    • Document your tank with pictures. Take them directly with your device, load from albums of from a connected dropbox.


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    • Share your notes, measurements and pictures via Twitter, Facebook, Email, usw.


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    • Use the aCloud network for connecting as many devices running AquaCalcualtor as you want. Your tanks water-parameters, animals, images and tank data are available and synchronized on all of your devices.
    • This even works among versions of different operating systems. iOS (iPhone/iPad), Mac-OS, Android and Microsoft windows.
    • You just got a new device and want to simply use all of your existing data ? A very easy job, using the aCloud!
    • Users of licensed Version of AquaCalculator for iOS, Mac-OS or Android can use this one to create their aCloud acounts (Premium Upgrade of Windows Version not mandatory).

Quik View

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    • Get a fast and complete overview of your tank. Includes your current water parameters and all your notes and pictures.
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    • as Premium-Supporter you get a banner that you can use in your favourite internet forums.